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No pressure, just start writing. . .free association. . .

I love my kids.  Two boys, 18 and 9 (in a few days).  A senior in high school who already knows everything, but shows flashes of maturity and insight that amaze me. . .and a 9 year old whose empathy is a shining light in a life filled with selfish and self-absorbed others.  Character building in others is tough . . .life events build character. Need to create “more better” ones.  Vignettes of this life to follow.  Failures to be mocked, successes to be praised. . .or verse visa.

The last 18 years have gone by far too fast and far too slowly.  Until recently, I had forgotten the important things in life (discussion on this to come in spurts and wheezes) in my reluctant pursuit of things.  No, haven’t forgotten them, that’s not right. . .need to prioritize better.  Many moments of joy, many moments of. . .not joy.  I’ve lost battles I need to win. . .conceded points I shouldn’t. . .

Trying to remember it’s not the destination, but the journey.  Flashes in my brain contain pithy, but relevant words: don’t hold grudges, stop and smell the roses, it’s a marathon not a sprint, don’t fear, what’s the worst that can happen, don’t worry be happy.

I don’t like every comment on my Facebook page, but I don’t want to hurt your feelings.  Sometimes your comments are too angry, too bitter.  Sometimes your comments are too happy, too uplifting, for my mood.  Sometimes I’m in a dark place, too often.  I do laugh at cat and dog videos.  Uplifting videos give me hope.  Stop derailing the train. . .

Commercials for woman’s hygiene products make me tear up. . .Viagra commercials make me envious. . .ads for prescription drugs scare me. . .stories on genetically modified foods disappoint me.

So much more. . .we’ll get to it.  Someone recently asked if I ever have a good day. . .yes, but it’s hard to make fun of those.

I’ll look back on this post and wonder where my mood came from, probably with some regret.  Someone will criticize, someone won’t get it. . .

This is my interpretation. . .my life. . .come along.

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    1. Thanks, Kelly! I am still building the site. . .actually a work in progress as I learn how to do things in baby-steps. But check back about once a week for new postings.

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